Under 5 Years Old Group Classes

Group Classes under 5:

The class aims to introduce dance in a playful manner through associative games. This will allow children to develop positive experiences and interest towards it. The class is 40 minutes long. We believe this is the optimum time for children’s learning at this age.

Warm Up:
We begin the group class with series of exercise orientated to bring out focus and concentration as well as develop main muscle groups.

Main part:
At this point children as a group learn various dances that help them to develop a sense of rhythm and musicality, as well as coordination and the ability to follow the teacher.

The Final:
At this age it is important that children learn through play and develop positive emotional association with the class. Through interactive games we aim to increase concentration and communication skills of your child.

We also provide a very specific 30 min class for very young children, age 2.5-3.5 years old, as a preparation for the main syllabus. This class is only held in Stratford.

Discount information:

For parents with 2 or more siblings who wish to attend the class we provide a 50% term discount price for one of your children.

The class time is constant every week but may vary at different locations. To find out the class time please refer to the calendar below or call or email us.

£100 for 10 classes