5-8 Years Old Group Classes

5-8 Years old:

The classes are designed to bring out the best creative and communicative skills of children and help them discover more about their identity through dance. The class runs for 50 mins.

Warm up:
We begin by introducing few body conditioning exercises that develop correct posture and flexibility. All the exercises are repeated to music in order to prepare children for the main part of the class.

Main part:
After children are ready physically and focused mentally we introduce basics Ballroom and Latin-American dances such as cha-cha-cha, waltz, samba. We gradually deliver main principles of movement and work on improving coordination. In the first part of the lesson children dance solo repeating after the teacher and then paired up to dance in couples.

In the final part we aim to summarize everything we have learned by introducing creative game-like activity that would encourage children to communicate within the group and repeat what they have previously learned once again with full concentration.

Discount information:

For parents with 2 or more siblings who wish to attend the class we provide a 50% term discount price for one of your children.

The class time is constant every week but may vary at different locations. To find out the class time please refer to the calendar below or call or email us.

£135 for 10 sessions