About Us

Our aim is to introduce Ballroom and Latin-American dancing to children. We truly believe that it offers much more than just physical benefits. Ballroom dancing is a unique way of learning integrity and valuable social and team working skills. All of which are a crucial part of child’s education and development.

Professional teaching:

Born in Russia, Ksenia started dancing at the age of 6. What started off as an after-school dance club turned into a successful professional dancing career. Ksenia is a fully qualified and experienced dance teacher (CRB certified).

• 2009 Fully Qualified IDTA Latin-American Dance teacher.

• 2012 Started teaching dance to children age 5+ at Rymvos Dance Studio(Cyprus) and developing her own method of delivering ballroom dancing to children.

• 2015 Completed a full time degree in Pharmaceutical Science.

• 2016 Dance Teacher at University College London (UCL).

• 2016 British National Professional Latin-American Dance Finalist.

• 2017 Top 30 Professional Rising Star competitor internationally.

Throughout her career Ksenia worked with top level dance choreographers that influenced her views and teaching methods greatly.

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Open Lessons and regular performances

The last class of every term will run as an open lesson where you, as parents, will be able to see the progress of your child. It is a great way for children to develop their performance skills. We put on a dance performance twice a year that involves a bit of friendly competition. It is a great social event that brings all children and parents together.

Unique method

One of the key concepts of our teaching method is paying full attention to the difference in learning motivation of children at different ages. Growing up is a journey of building an identity and character and our goal is to reach the full potential of every child.

Children under 5 years old learn new skills through positive associations with previous experiences in playful manner. Parental encouragement is crucial at this stage, as their sense of identity is only beginning to develop. We encourage parents to come and see our open lessons, as this leads to significantly improving progress in learning.

Children aged 6-9 years have a much greater sense of self, and are therefore more responsive to positive feedback from the teacher. The aim is not to point out the mistake, but encourage co-regulatory exercises that allow the child to attempt the task again and keep him/her fully focused on the process of learning.